The Law Offices of Kirk M Manuel and Katherine M. Conard Manuel

The Law Offices of Kirk M Manuel and Katherine M. Conard Manuel is a two-attorney firm handling family law.
Family law matters include, but are not limited to, divorce, separation, custody, visitation, support and adoption. This is a stressful time in an individual's life and we understand that. We understand that nobody wins in these types of cases, as you leave with half of what you had going in and lose the person with whom you were to spend the rest of your life. However, our goal is to get you through this, not only with effective representation, but also with the care to help you understand the process and know what to expect as the process unfolds.

Family Law Attorney — Gavel In Front Of A Lawyer in Redding, CA
Dependency actions are court proceedings where children are oftentimes placed in foster care due to various reasons, such as allegations of drug use, abuse or neglect. Children and Family Services is a powerful entity and once they become involved in your life, it is important to understand what will be expected of you in order to prevent your children from going into foster care, or gain back custody of your children. We can help you in defending against the allegations and getting your children out of foster care and back into your home.
As a two-attorney firm, we are small enough to provide personalized attention while also having the resources and experience to effectively advocate for you.